Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I would like to publicly thank the United States Navy for allowing me to proudly serve our Great Nation for twenty years of Active Duty Service. My hope is that my service to our Country will impact your buying decision.

     While I’m handing out thanks, I would like to include the American voters and taxpayers for supporting Veterans Benefits such as the GI Bill. I tapped this educational benefit after my Navy retirement to attend The Art Institute here in Fort Worth for 3 years. I studied Photography, Art & Advertising Design and Advanced Photo Editing, so yes I do possess tangible photography skills. Please do not settle for a slapdash with a digital camera, announcing to be a Professional Photographer.

     I consider myself an able Artist whose chosen life medium is Photography. Ultimately, I pray my Clients and Colleagues will confirm my body of work and pass consenting judgments. While behind the camera, I tend to discard the common art nouveau impressions, but rather moved to unveiling the hidden exceptional beauty within all entities.

     Look me up in the Webster dictionary and there you'll find my picture under the title; “Blue-Collar Photographer”. Wealth and fame are not my motivating factors at this point of my lifespan, but electing only to produce a contented living doing something I truly fancy. I’m blessed with the health and ability to work at my craft every day at providing my Clients with Photographic Memories that will be Displayed and Cherished for generations to come.

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