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     I learned the genuine significance of quality photography several years ago after the death of my Parents, gathered at a kitchen table with my seven siblings, desperately searching through a small box of old photographs, only to find a small box  of poorly taken amateur snapshot photos.   

    Brokenhearted,   we all would have given any amount of cash for at least a few professional photos that could be framed and mounted in our homes. Sadly now, my Children, Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren will never fully know and appreciate their family history. Now ask yourself this question; how many Quality Visual Memories can you pass down to both your current and future Family Members?

     I hope you have a better understanding of the Real Value aspect of High Quality Photographs. My prices are set in conjunction with the amount of physical time it takes me to produce your final photographic memories. No matter what cost my Client is charged, be it a $10.00 street photo or a $10,000.00 Magazine Fashion photo-shoot on location in London or New York, my Clients deserves and will always receive the same quality creations and expert service.


     While other photographers are only capable of one or two styles of photography, I am formally educated and now highly practiced in several different photographic specializations. The only photography styles I do not offer my Clients are Aerial, Science, Astrological and Underwater. I also do not offer a video and film production service at this time, although I’m fully trained in both areas.     

     My hourly rate is based on my expertise in many styles of photographic art. Because of this unique talent and ability to produce a full range of photography services, I have a larger Client base which  grants me the opportunity to work my craft 5 and 6 days a week. Therefore, I’m able to charge my Clients a fair and reasonable price, unlike the photographers who only work a few days a month.      

     My fee structure is based on my travel time and the hourly rate of $100.00 With this you will receive a set minimum number of fully edited digital images provided on your choice of CD or Thumb drive. You will also have the unique ability to purchase additional  finished photographic art via my website in an A-la-carte fashion at your convenience. This affords my Clients the ability to spread the cost of Professional Photographic Memories over a longer period of time. Forget the Photographer who wants you to commit to the purchase of a given amount of finished products before you even have one photo proof to choose from.     

     If you need any additional information or to schedule a day and time for your special day or event, please feel free to call, email or simply use the “Contact Me" menu button here on my website.

Stephen Romay

Romay Photography

Phone: 817-876-7047


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